TDI's mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce by connecting job seekers with disabilities that we have prepared for employment to businesses in the community that have a need for their unique skills, talents and abilities.


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Zero Exclusion

TDI was founded on this principle and accepts 100% of first-time referrals to the agency without pre-screening.


Integrated Employment and Treatment

Believing that we can do more together, TDI Team Members highly encourage integration of natural supports and treatment teams in the employment process, where appropriate and with consent.


Competitive Jobs

TDI’s contract with FL DVR ensures focus is on competitive employment. TDI’s engagement of the business community and hidden market strategies ensure consumers have choice and opportunity in the workforce.


Rapid Job Search

Pre-placement curriculum is an offering, but not required as part of the placement process. For most candidates, the first appointment following the intake involves job preparation services (i.e. master application, resume, interviewing skills, etc.).


Systematic Job Development

Candidate’s motivation, reliability, dependability, support needs, conditions for success and abilities are assessed quickly by trained TDI staff to facilitate timely progress towards employment. Needs analysis meetings are conducted with employers regularly for optimal matching.


Time Unlimited Support

TDI’s Phase I services aim at fading paid supports and developing natural supports for empowerment and long-term success. TDI’s Phase II job retention services are not time-limited to continue helping individuals become as independent as possible on their jobs prior to transitioning from service.


Consumer Preferences

Regular engagement of and service to referred individuals help TDI staff identify and stay attuned to conditions for success in employment and preferences, while increasing employment satisfaction and retention. Disclosure is reviewed at the intake and regularly throughout service to promote informed decisions about support and services.


Benefits Planning

An overview of the impact of working on Public Assistance and/or Social Security benefits is reviewed at intake and regularly to promote informed choice. Referrals to WIPA services are coordinated, as needed.


Retention Support

Weekly contact to ensure success on the job including coaching on reporting earnings.


TDI’s Joint Commission Accreditation

National Accreditation mean observing best practices, focusing on customer satisfaction and monitoring such to ensure every program participant has a quality experience with TDI.






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