TDI's mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce by connecting job seekers with disabilities that we have prepared for employment to businesses in the community that have a need for their unique skills, talents and abilities.








The Diversity  Initiative, Inc. is a strong proponent of individual rights.  Consumers served by our programs can expect TDI staff to observe the following consumer rights while providing services to them.    These rights are as follows:


1. The right to dignity, privacy, and humane service, including the right to be free from abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation.


2. The right to religious freedom and practice.


3. The right to participate and receive quality services that advance goals of competitive employment in the community within the scope of VR services.


4. The right to reasonable accommodations.


5. The right to work in inclusive environments and be paid commensurate wages (competitive employment).


6. The right to appoint a surrogate decision maker.


7. The right to consent; question; or refuse services being offered by the agency.


8. The right to request a new Employment Specialist.


9. The right to provide feedback including filing a grievance if appropriate without retribution.


10. The right to include supports in the employment process where/as appropriate.


11. The right to obtain an accounting of case record disclosures.


12. The right to receive services in a safe environment.


13. The right to confidentiality.


14. The right to request a release of information.


15. You have the right to be informed about any and all of the above rights. In order to receive assistance with any reports of abuse or violation of rights, you may ask the assistance of your Employment Consultant or use any of the following mechanisms:


The Diversity Initiative, Inc. has a procedure for consumer grievances.  The consumer completes the grievance form and can use the assistance of a staff member of the consumer’s choice, a consumer representative or a consumer advocate.  The form will be sent to the supervisor of the staff member against whom the grievance is filed.  The supervisor will meet with the staff for a response and possible resolution.  If the issue remains unresolved, the form will be forwarded to the next level of supervision.


You can see any Staff person for a grievance form.


The Human Rights Advocacy Committee receives and investigates reports of deprivation of constitutional and/or human rights or any unfair treatment.   Their toll free number is 1-800-638-2144.


The Abuse Registry receives reports of alleged abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) and/or neglect.  Investigations will be made within 24 hours, or if a life threatening situation, immediately.  Caller may remain anonymous.  Their toll free number is 1-800-96-ABUSE.


The Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities receives calls regarding a consumer’s inability to get needed services.  Their toll free number is 1-800-342-0823.








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