TDI's mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce by connecting job seekers with disabilities that we have prepared for employment to businesses in the community that have a need for their unique skills, talents and abilities.


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On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an excellent opportunity for both employers and job seekers with disabilities. With OJT you, the trainee, will participate in hands-on training in an integrated work setting. This specialized training allows you to develop skills and gain experience that will enable you to advance in your current career or perform a job in your desired industry.

When you participate in OJT, you will interact on a regular basis with employees who do not have disabilities, work in comparable positions, and are paid no less than minimum wage. Candidates that participate in OJT can expect to train in their desired field; earn a salary while training; gain valuable work experience; interact with other employees in an integrated work setting while preparing to enter the workforce.





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