TDI's mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce by connecting job seekers with disabilities that we have prepared for employment to businesses in the community that have a need for their unique skills, talents and abilities.


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Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultants (CBTAC) are responsible for supporting customers (potential entrepreneurs) through all stages of the business research and planning process.

This includes, but is not limited to, assisting customers identify and research business concepts, determine support needs, analyze SSA benefits, develop business financial reports, write business plans, secure additional funding sources, and provide support throughout the business launch.

Specifically CBTAC’s will assist with the following:

  1. Determine if Self-Employment is a viable option
  2.  Assess business concepts identified by individuals
  3. Assess existing business plans (and provide support necessary to improve or develop further)
  4. Identify other funding sources
  5. Educate customer & Business Planning Team members about Self-Employment
  6. Assist individuals in developing a viable business plan
  7. Assist with implementation of business plan

For more Information about Self Employment, please contact John Pribanic at: (813) 850-4736 or toll free at (844) TDI-JOBS