TDI's mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce by connecting job seekers with disabilities that we have prepared for employment to businesses in the community that have a need for their unique skills, talents and abilities.


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Supported employment  has already helped many consumers. Researchers have studied different types of programs that help consumers find and keep employment. These studies compare supported employment to many other vocational approaches and consistently, findings have revealed that supported employment assists more consumers with getting and keeping their jobs than any other approach.


Supported employment starts with the individual communicating with their employment specialists (people who work for a supported employment team) or other members of the treatment team (case manager, therapist, psychiatrist, etc.) their interest in acquiring a position.  Anyone who wants to work will be given the supports and services to help them achieve their career goals. Working part-time is also an option.  Employment specialists are trained to understand that consumers are happier with a career that corresponds with the needs rather than a job that they have to fit into.


Job choices are important. Be aware of some of the careers that interest you, or where there may be some work history.  Employment specialists will listen to any and all preferences. The type of job that is obtained through supported employment depends on choices that are made. If there is any uncertainly concerning specific careers that may be of interest, the employment specialist can help address all questions and provide their insights concerning employment.


Taking tests, filling out forms and waiting for referrals are not required before starting in supported employment. The employment specialist will meet with the individual soon after work is identified as a goal.  Employment Specialists help obtain information on benefits, such as Social Security or Medicaid, and how they may be impacted by employment. Many consumers worry about how working could affect their benefits.  Employment specialists will assist in obtaining accurate information. There are benefit programs available that can help you continue to receive benefits, or partial benefits, even when you are earning an income.


Supported employment is an ongoing service. Employment specialists are available to help individuals plan their careers, manage any unexpected events that may arise at work, and develop ways to help consumers succeed after they have obtained a job. Working can sometimes be stressful. Upon being hired, an employment specialist will continue to provide supports and services. It is not uncommon for people to change jobs a few times before finding a job they want to keep.   In the event that situation should arise, the employment specialist will discuss ending an unsatisfying job and pursuing a more suitable position that will ensure long-term success.





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