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At TDI, we believe that work is empowering. It increases independence; provides for a greater sense of life satisfaction; and improves one’s standard of living. Our belief in the power of work and its transformative impact on each one of us has shaped our agency, defined our mission, and fuels our drive to provide every Job Seeker the tools, resources, and support necessary so they can participate, engage and benefit from this basic human need. We are driven by this core belief in empowerment through employment. Our services are individualized and provided by caring, educated, and experienced staff that is vested in facilitating success. Call us today to learn more!

The Diversity Initiative, Inc. (TDI) is a nonprofit agency founded in 2008. Our agency’s mission is to ensure that individuals with disabilities in our communities have access to resources and support to engage in the employment process, successfully transition into employment and retain those positions. We will make this happen by providing direct services related to discovery, career counseling, job placement, and retention services, on-the-job training, and follow-along support and vocational evaluations. The minimum qualifications accepted for direct service staff include either substantial direct placement experience or a bachelor’s degree with one year of experience in human services, business, job placement, vocational counseling, or rehabilitation. We typically work Monday through Friday, however, our hours, in many cases are just a reflection of your needs. TDI has been providing direct services to Florida residents for over 10 years. Each of the services we provide is designed to facilitate employment outcomes for Persons with Disabilities. Please click on the link below to learn more about how our services can help you achieve your goals of returning to work or finding that first job.

Vocational Evaluation

Identify a job that matches your interests, skills, aptitudes, and temperaments.

Employment Services

Receive support and assistance for a limited time to help identify and secure work.

Supported Employment

Intense, long-term support designed to help you find work and follow up on your progress.

Discovery Services

A substitute to norm-based testing that looks to answer “Who are you?”.

No matter what time, or day, we are here for you. Whether you’ve lost your job and need another one, or you are considering work for the first time, let our experts help you navigate the world of work. Those who select our Team can expect us to listen to you; prepare you; help you, and ultimately empower you. Let us help you find your next job or assist you to identify a career track that works best for you.