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Supported Employment is a program designed to help individuals with significant disabilities obtain and maintain competitive employment. Each consumer is assigned an Employment Consultant. The Employment Consultant completes a plan which includes identifying pre-employment needs/services, housing needs, clothing needs, medical needs, or other ancillary problems that need to be addressed prior to employment. It is the role of the Employment Consultant to assist program participants’ complete job applications, pre-hire employment assessments, and contact employers in the community who offer the type of employment opportunities identified during the assessment.

The Employment Consultant works with employers to place the consumer on the job. The Employment Consultant may work on the job with the consumer training them to do the job tasks, and ensuring that they get to and from work (including bus training if needed) independently. When the consumer has stabilized on the job and is able to perform all the necessary tasks, the Employment Consultant then fades from the job site.

Follow Along services are provided to both the consumer and employer to ensure that adequate support is provided if any performance and/or other problems arise. As problems are identified, the Employment Consultant may intervene. The Employment Consultant also maintains close contact with the consumer ensuring that they are not having any difficulties on or off the job.